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Against the Grain. For your Health.

At the Rusty Star, we’ve polished the rust off of time-honored ranching traditions from our rich grassland heritage. We raise our cattle without chemicals, artificial hormones or dangerous animal by-products. They grow at a natural pace, and aren’t force-fed. The result is a herd that is healthy and meat that is filled with essential fats, vitamins, minerals and flavor sought by today’s holistically conscious consumer. Our dream is to raise our animals humanely and sell nutritious, exquisite-tasting beef to families across the U.S.

Virtually all the meat, eggs and dairy products found in the supermarket come from animals raised in confinement. This system is specifically designed for accelerated growth at low production costs. Cattle, which nature created to forage on fresh grass and legumes, are sent to feedlots where they are force-fed grain, soy and other supplements to fatten them up at nearly twice the rate they would grow naturally. While this is more cost-effective for the industrial food chain, it results in unnatural, high-stress lives for the cattle and unhealthy, flavorless meat for you—which is hardly nature’s intent.