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This wholesome home on the range is the perfect setting for low-stress, year-round grazing for our grass-fed cattle herd. With more than 4600 acres, the ranch sits on top of the most unique grassland in the U.S.: the Nebraska Sand Hills. The irregular dunes and sandy soils are so distinct that it is considered its own ecoregion. With more than 85% of the Sand Hills free from major disturbances, such as farming or overgrazing, the area is considered the most intact natural habitat remaining in North America.

There are also numerous small lakes and wetlands in our portion of the eastern Sand Hills, which provide important habitat for many species of migratory water birds, such as swans, ducks and grebes. Deep below the surface is the one of the nation’s largest supplies of fresh water called the Ogallala or High Plains aquifer. Preserving this region is vital, as it is the single most important source of water in the High Plains region, providing nearly all the water for residential, industrial and agricultural use.